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Who We Are

With over 5.2 million customers in 26 states, U.S. Cellular® is one of the largest wireless service carriers in the nation. We owe every bit of success to our associates—people with a real passion for their work who are committed to "doing the right thing." You would be proud to work with them.

We don't just talk teamwork. We live it. We respect each other's contributions, and take ownership for our actions. Even if you don't work directly with customers, you'll support other U.S. Cellular associates so that they, in turn, can consistently provide the level of service our customers have come to expect. Everyone plays an important role.

We are proud of our supportive culture. In fact, we work hard to ensure our organization's environment is one that fosters trust, respect for each other's individualism, and the highest ethical standards—one that genuinely allows our associates to thrive.

Our Dynamic Organization

When you join U.S. Cellular®, you'll soon understand how our core values inspire us to deliver the world's best customer experience. These values drive our passion and commitment, enhance our ability to tackle challenges and elevate our talent to achieve business and personal goals. We call it the Dynamic Organization (D.O.).

The D.O.

Our fundamentals are integrity, trust and respect. Across the enterprise, U.S. Cellular associates engage in open and honest communication, building lasting relationships with customers and one another. We take pride in each and every one of our accomplishments. And, we find time to enjoy the rewards of "doing the right thing" for our customers by acknowledging among ourselves a win well done.

The Vision and Mission

As an organization, we are proud and passionate about providing the world's best customer experience. This vision aligns with our mission — that we are earnest about achieving superior results. Our associates are inspired by their belief in the motivating principles of the D.O. and are determined to deliver an outstanding customer experience.

Our Leaders

U.S. Cellular leadership encourages you to access the many training and development opportunities available to help you enhance your level of performance. They are here to help drive your passion and encourage your growth. Because they realize their success as leaders greatly depends upon the success of those they lead.

This is a fast-paced industry of change and innovation. We are individuals who thrive in an environment of ideas and accountability. And, we are teams who, empowered by our knowledge and skills, can move the organization to new heights.

Community Involvement

At U.S. Cellular® we are passionate about our customers and our communities. At the end of the day, we know that this passion sets us apart from others in our industry. To our communities, we are more than just a wireless provider.

Each year, U.S. Cellular donates more than $3 million in charitable contributions to nonprofit organizations through grants and other programs. Our Associate Matching Gifts program matches dollar-for-dollar an associate's gift to a nonprofit up to $2,500 per year.

"I am so thankful every day that I have the opportunity to be part of a company that truly cares not just about their customers and employees, but also about our community, our future generations as well!"
U.S. Cellular Associate
Culture Survey Results

We do everything we can to assist our communities. When schools across the nation faced devastating budget cuts that could endanger academic and extracurricular activities, U.S. Cellular launched "Calling All Communities," a $1 million giveaway that allowed communities to vote for the school of their choice to win one of ten $100,000 donations. And, through the Community Phone Program, U.S. Cellular provides free wireless phone service to veterans, military personnel, homeless shelters, senior centers and other community organizations during the holidays so that people can connect with their loved ones—because making the connection is what we're all about at U.S. Cellular.
What It's Like to Work Here

You'll feel it from the moment you join us at U.S. Cellular®. Our people are excited by their work, and their drive to succeed is inspiring. Working with such motivated people, you'll want to mirror their efforts. And, your enthusiasm will allow you to start achieving your goals from day one. You'll have all the training and support you need to meet the challenge—the kind that empowers you to make real connections with your customer, and achieve more in your career. Everywhere you turn, there is an opportunity to grow.

We believe training is more than something you "go through" as a new associate. In fact, over the life of your career, you'll have many opportunities to expand your skills and knowledge through formal training and development programs that cover everything from technologies and services to management and leadership skills. Coupled with your practical, hands-on experience, we foster an environment that gives you the opportunity to take ownership of your career, and create your own professional path.

How Will You Contribute

No matter what your role is at U.S. Cellular®, you'll make contributions that ensure our customers have the best wireless experience possible. Our company operates as a team, and each associate has an important function in maintaining the quality reputation of the customer experience.

U.S. Cellular associates convey a sense of pride in their work. When you join us, you'll feel inspired knowing that your efforts have a direct impact on the company and the customers we serve.

You'll also have a positive impact on the community. U.S. Cellular makes it a priority to give back to the community through a variety of charitable donations and volunteer programs. You'll have the opportunity to support causes you care about, and make a tangible difference in the lives of others.

Career Choices

There's something special about working at U.S. Cellular®. It's a place where we care about each other and are successful together because no matter where we work within our Dynamic Organization, we share the same goal—providing the very best customer experience. It's why you'll find an energy and excitement that's different from other companies. And, isn't that a great way to feel about your career?

Whether you are fueled by a passion for the fast-paced field of sales, have a natural flair for customer service, or prefer a technical or operations support role, we have opportunities suited to your unique talents and interests.
Benefits and Beyond

Success at U.S. Cellular® starts with effective leaders who empower you to take ownership of your career by providing the right tools and structure for growth. It's fueled by a culture that values respect and encourages achievement. And, it's strengthened by an organization that understands you have a life outside of work, and offers the support you need to help you balance both.

That's why U.S. Cellular provides such a comprehensive compensation package. Here, you'll gain peace of mind knowing that your medical and financial needs are covered, and enjoy a variety of incentives that allow you flexibility to deal with life's challenges. Because we believe the first step in making our customers happy is to make sure our associates are, too.

U.S. Cellular extends all benefits to same- and opposite-sex partners, as well as eligible children of domestic partners and your dependents.
Diversity and Inclusion

Our emphasis on diversity and inclusion is one of the many strengths of U.S. Cellular®. We support no fewer than 10 Diversity Centers of Excellence and currently work with a number of diverse professional associations focused on targeted areas of function and ethnicity.

Our Diversity Centers of Excellence are deeply involved in such vital topics as Diversity/Inclusion Education and Recruitment Guidance to further associate and leadership competencies. Equally important, Supplier Diversity Oversight is central to our strategic business vision of expanding minority-owned vendor relationships building on the values of our Dynamic Organization.

Together with the work of our Inclusion Councils, we are finding ways to broaden communications within the entire enterprise while taking direct action on the initiatives that will move our company forward.

Our Associates

We are U.S. Cellular® associates. We are people from different walks of life. Different cultures melding our particular points of view to reach a common goal—fulfilling the needs of our customers.

U.S. Cellular has grown into one of the nation's largest wireless carriers because of the core values that have made us successful.

These values are:
  • Ethics
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Pride
  • Empowerment
  • Respect
  • Diversity
We view each associate's skill and potential as the gateway to our future. We are linked together by the commitment to our customers as well as the betterment of our team.

When you join U.S. Cellular, you become part of a company that enables you to grow and give back to the communities we serve.

We believe your talent can make a difference. The difference begins when you bring everything you are to the table.

Our Strategic Diversity and Inclusion Plan

Our Mission — "We passionately bring different people and perspectives together to collaborate, thrive, grow and innovate."

Our Diversity & Inclusion strategy plays a large role in our success as an organization. It reflects the aspirations of both associates and leaders. It continues to evolve to align with our performance goals as a business and with our values.

Here's how our Diversity Strategy becomes reality in our Dynamic Organization:

Leadership Excellence

Just as we've endeavored to create an associate base that mirrors our customer base, we want to increase diverse representation in our leadership team at all levels, as well. Our aim is to develop internal pipelines of minority and female talent that are capable of moving into director-level roles and higher. We are currently working with hiring leaders to increase the hiring and promotion of highly talented, diverse candidates.

Associate Passion

We believe each U.S. Cellular® associate is unique and that the characteristics that make him or her different are valued and lead to the overall success of our organization. In order to sustain and further associate passion, we are exploring new training tools and other learning opportunities to broaden awareness and engagement relative to Diversity & Inclusion. Working closely with our Inclusion Councils, we have plans that will enhance our current commitment.

Customer Advocacy

Our customers appreciate that our workforce reflects a multitude of cultural backgrounds. To increase customer advocacy, we are working with our marketplace leaders to ensure our frontline associates are continuing to improve their cultural competence. This includes greater understanding of our customers' expectations relative to Diversity & Inclusion.

Superior Results

Our goal has been and will continue to be a fair and equitable approach to develop a broad and diverse supplier base that helps us control costs and add new customers. Through our new plan, we will increase the amount of procurement dollars spent with minority-owned and women-owned businesses, as well as disabled and veteran suppliers. Furthermore, we will work with these companies to increase their capacity to supply the goods and services we need.

Careers for Military

Our values raise everyone’s game.

At U.S. Cellular®, we believe the values that our service members and their families live by are the same qualities that inspire us to make a difference. Ethics, integrity, trust, and respect are some of the values that form the foundation of our culture, and are reflected in everything we do.

They inspire and empower us to deliver the world’s best customer experience, and drive our business forward. Like the military veterans we so proudly welcome home, we continually challenge ourselves to pursue greater goals that will help our company grow and our associates succeed.

As a G.I. Jobs “Top 100 Military Friendly Employer,” we also understand the importance you place on teamwork, commitment, loyalty and pride. We appreciate how the guidance of effective leadership can enable you to own your role and help you grow. One of our greatest strengths is training. Our associates know they will receive best-in-class training to gain the necessary agility to act decisively in an industry that moves at warp speed.

We pride ourselves on our sense of community. Whether helping restore communications in a disaster-torn area or providing free calls to our service members at various military installations, we believe the values that are most meaningful to you are the same ones that inspire us.

Our desire is to see you succeed in the marketplace. It begins with the interviewing process.

Expect spontaneous cheers.

You’ve been working hard toward your degree, and it’s time to take a bow. Soon, you’ll be looking for a career opportunity that challenges you, helps you connect with leaders, and allows you to put what you’ve learned into action. And you can find those professional advantages at U.S. Cellular®.

We believe in celebrating the moment. Our associates work intensely to deliver the world’s best customer experience. It’s this kind of dedication that drives our success and gives us more occasions to savor the win. At the same time, our leaders inspire associates to take time out to grow and expand their skills and give back to the communities we serve.

College grads and undergraduates have a number of different avenues to launch a career within our dynamic organization. We offer rewarding part-time positions that enable students to learn while they earn. And our internship program provides comprehensive platforms to gain real-life experience in our industry. Either way, U.S. Cellular can serve as an exceptional place for learning, doing impactful work, and launching your career.

What We Are Looking For

Are you the kind of person who...
  • Thrives in an environment of collaboration and supportive leadership?
  • Appreciates a sense of empowerment in making decisions?
  • Enjoys seeing your work immediately impact the business?
  • Views giving back to the community as essential to your life?
Then, U.S. Cellular® is the kind of place to build your career.

We believe in encouraging the true you.

U.S. Cellular maintains one of the industry's highest levels of customer satisfaction. How? It's our people. Our associates are genuine, passionate and customer focused. They recognize the importance of building relationships—connecting with their customers and the team that supports them. The result—U.S. Cellular is where people love where they work. Here they enjoy the rewards of high performance while delivering exceptional customer service.

We believe caring empowers you.

Our leaders care for their team and dedicate themselves to advancing their skills. It all comes from our valued-based business model we call the Dynamic Organization, a concept that speaks to a culture of respect, integrity and trust. It is simple, yet strong. A strength that instills empowerment and enables people to feel at ease providing their best.

We believe in what benefits you.

At U.S. Cellular, we do our best to provide you a resource-rich environment where the rewards are satisfying and the experience will help your career grow.

Where Does Your Major Fit

Our goal at U.S. Cellular® is always about making the best connection. Most likely, one of the first things you'd like to know while you're still in college is: "How will my degree eventually connect me to the best U.S. Cellular career opportunities?" By using the "Where Does Your Major Fit" interactive tool, you can quickly identify which roles will directly correspond to your major.

Interviewing Tips

We imagine that other than going for a summer or part-time job, this may be your first experience interviewing for positions directly related to your career.

Here's some useful advice to help you feel more confident along the way.
  • Think about your real world experience
  • Understand the behavioral interview
  • Take steps to prepare
  • Expect questions that capture your past behaviors

Internships and More

U.S. Cellular® has a number of pathways for college students to become part of our Dynamic Organization. Our internship program provides comprehensive platforms to gain real-life experience in our industry. We can serve as the ideal place for you to hone your skills and launch a career.

U.S. Cellular Summer Internship Program

During our Summer Internship Program, students from college campuses around the country delve into life at U.S. Cellular. It offers the opportunity not only to focus on those departments that correspond to your areas of interest, but to also get a deeper understanding of the entire organization.

"With a focus firmly on the customer, the company inspires me to think beyond revenues and believe in building long-lasting relationships that will produce long-term results."
Marketing Intern
U Chicago Booth School of Business

Make the most of your internship
  • Set personal goals and objectives
  • Use the opportunity to apply classroom concepts to real work
  • Maximize the progressive learning experience
  • Include special training
  • Seek contact with managers and senior leaders
  • Network with participants and associates
  • Learn all you can about our Dynamic Organization culture