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Corporate Careers

The world's leading food service organization is headquartered just outside Chicago, in Oak Brook, Ill. Approximately 2,800 employees provide a wide variety of support functions to more than 32,000 McDonald's restaurants in 100 countries around the globe through a network of divisional, regional and local-country offices.

From the McDonald's campus office complex--home to the world-famous Hamburger University -- the McDonald's Plaza, or one of three other nearby locations in Oak Brook, McDonald's Home Office employees work to support the McDonald's System through a variety of business functions.

Getting to Know Us...

McDonald's is the leading global foodservice retailer with more than 32,000 local restaurants serving more than 60 million people in 117 countries each day. More than 75% of McDonald's restaurants worldwide are owned and operated by independent local men and women.

We serve the world some of its favorite foods - World Famous Fries, Big Mac, Quarter Pounder, Chicken McNuggets and Egg McMuffin.

Our rich history began with our founder, Ray Kroc. The strong foundation that he built continues today with McDonald's vision and the commitment of our talented executives to keep the shine on McDonald's Arches for years to come.
Business Functions

Below find a list of Business Functions that Corporate McDonald's may have job opportunities in. If you would like to see current Corporate opportunities in these business functions please visit the Corporate Jobs Search page.
  • Administrative
  • Accounting
  • Air Travel
  • Architecture/Construction
  • Communications
  • Corporate Tax
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Distribution/Logistics
  • Engineering
  • Environmental Affairs
  • Facilities Systems
  • Franchising
  • Government Relations
  • Human Resources
  • Information Services
  • Insurance
  • Legal
  • Marketing
  • Media Relations
  • Product Development
  • Purchasing
  • Quality Assurance
  • Real Estate
  • Restaurant Operations
  • Treasury
Employee Benefits

The following information highlights McDonald's benefits for Staff (e.g., home office, division or region office) employees located in the United States. Highlights of McDonald's Corporation benefits for U.S. Restaurant Management and Crew employees can be found on the USA Careers site.

McDonald's benefits program is designed to attract, energize, reward and retain talented people who will produce superior business results and enhance our leadership position. We recognize the importance of a strong benefits program. This is reflected in our People Promise, with competitive pay and benefits as one of our five People Principles.

For McDonald's Corporation U.S. employees at corporate, division and region offices, our many benefits are organized into four categories:

Your Health and Protection
Our health and insurance benefits
  • Medical
  • Vision supplement plan
  • Dental
  • Flexible spending accounts
  • Short and long term disability
  • Employee and dependent life insurance
  • Accidental death & dismemberment (AD&D)
  • Travel and business travel accident insurance
Your Pay and Rewards
Our compensation, reward and recognition programs
  • Base pay
  • Incentive pay
  • Company car program
  • Recognition programs
Investing in Your Future
Our savings, investment and financial management programs
  • Profit Sharing and Savings Plan (includes our 401(k) feature)
  • MCDirect Shares
  • Mc$ave
  • Credit union
  • Financial planning services
Helping Balance Your Work and Life
Our work/life benefits
  • Vacation
  • Holidays
  • Anniversary Splash
  • Sabbatical program
  • Summer Hours
  • Leave of absence
  • Alternative Work Approach
  • Adoption assistance
  • Child care discount
  • Educational assistance
  • Matching gifts program
  • Employee Resource Connection
  • Auto and home insurance group discount program
  • International Fitness Club Network
  • BeyondWork Internet discount program
All in all, our benefits programs provide our McDonald's Corporation employees with a valuable and compelling package. We believe you'll find there's a lot to gain from being part of the McDonald's team.

The information contained on this site is highlights of McDonald's Corporation benefits and policies for U.S. staff employees only. The official Plan documents govern in case of any discrepancy between the Plan and the descriptions on this site.

Over the years, McDonald’s success has come as a direct result of our many wide-ranging perspectives. From new menu items to fresh operating styles, our achievements come largely from within the broad range of talent, individual potential, and ideas that make up our workforce.

Fact is, we have the largest number of minority and female franchisees in the quick service industry. More than 37% of all McDonald's U.S. Owner/Operators are women and minorities. That our combined sales of African-American licensees constitute the largest African-American enterprise in the country makes us incredibly proud.

Also, McDonald's Hispanic franchisees, when combined, represent the largest single Hispanic business in the country. Not only that, because of our strong commitment to diversity, Asian Americans choose McDonald’s over our competitors by a very strong margin.

Perhaps best of all, in 2007, we were included in the Human Rights Campaign “Buying for Equality” guide–a leading publication from a nationally known and well-respected GLBT advocacy group.

As you can plainly see, diversity is an essential part of our business. Even beyond our company. Case in point, our suppliers are a key component of our initiatives. We build loyalty. We stimulate local economies. And we pass our diversity practices on by choosing suppliers that represent the communities we serve.
Employer Awards and Recognition

McDonald's Ranks High on Fortune's Most Admired List
Top 50 rank: 10
Rank in Food Services: 1
(Previous rank: 1)
Overall score: 7.97

McDonald’s ranked high in the supporting categories of the #10 overall result:
  • #10 overall on FORTUNE Most Admired Companies list
    • - #1 overall for Management Quality
      - #1 overall for Global Competitiveness
      - #1 overall for Use of Corporate Assets
      - #2 overall for Best Long-Term Investment
      - #3 overall for Financial Soundness

  • #1 in the Food Services category, along with seven additional #1 rankings in our industry
McDonald's Ranks High As One of the World's "Most Respected Companies"
March 1st, 2010

McDonald's 7th "Most Respected Company" in Barron's annual survey of money managers. Read how Barron's defines respect and why McDonald's has been ranked number 7 for two consecutive years.

Business Week Names McDonald's Among Twenty Best Companies to Lead
By Patricia O’Connell - February 16th, 2010

McDonald's Headquarters: Oak Brook, IL
Number of Employees: 400,000
Amount Spent Annually on Leadership Development: Approximately $480 million

David Small, Vice President, Global Talent Management & Leadership Development quotes McDonald's Leadership Philosophy: "Our future success requires leadership not just in management roles, but at all levels of the organization. So, we expect every employee to live McDonald's values and demonstrate leadership, no matter what level or position they hold. Our accelerated leadership development programs typically focus on four areas:

1) Leading McDonald's in a complex, changing world
2) Creating a climate for continuous improvement and innovation
3) Getting work done through others
4) Sustaining McDonald's for the future."
Hamburger University

McDonald’s Center of Training Excellence

Since its inception, training at Hamburger University has emphasized consistent restaurant operations procedures, service, quality and cleanliness. It has become the company’s global center of excellence for McDonald’s operations training and leadership development.

In 1961, Fred Turner, McDonald’s former senior chairman and Ray Kroc’s first grillman, founded Hamburger University in the basement of a McDonald’s restaurant in Elk Grove Village, Illinois.
  • February 24, 1961, Hamburger University's first class of 14 students graduated
  • Today, more than 5,000 students attend Hamburger University each year
  • Since 1961, more than 80,000 restaurant managers, mid-managers and owner/operators have graduated from this facility
At McDonald’s, our training mission is to be the best talent developer of people with the most committed individuals to Quality, Service, Cleanliness and Value (QSC&V) in the world. Our strong commitment to the training and development of our People has resulted in many “firsts” and honors, including being…
  • The first restaurant company to develop a global training center
  • The only active QSR currently to receive college credit recommendations from the American Council on Education (ACE), the United States’ oldest and most recognized unifying body for higher education
  • Continually recognized for excellence in training
Our founder Ray Kroc once said, “If we are going to go anywhere, we’ve got to have talent. And, I’m going to put my money in talent.” Hamburger University continues to promote that philosophy, everyday.
  • Our Students
  • Our College Degree Program
  • Our Curriculum
  • Our Facility
Giving back to our communities

From the beginning, it’s been one of our core values. We take seriously the responsibilities that come with being a leader and look to leverage our size, scope and resources to help make the world a better place.

For McDonald’s, giving back comes in many shapes and sizes. It can be a franchisee sponsoring his/her local youth athletic team. It may bring to mind our well-known support of Ronald McDonald House Charities. Or it can involve Olympic sponsorship and feeding the athletes.

Whatever the shape it takes, the intent remains the same – to make a positive difference in the lives of our customers and the communities where we operate.

McDonald's 2009 Global Best of Green

What "Best of Green" innovation really strikes a chord with you?

At McDonald’s, we know we have a responsibility to continuously improve our environmental performance. For over thirty years, we’ve been identifying, developing and measuring the impact of sustainable solutions that are good for our business and the world in which we operate.

Our approach to environmental responsibility is a multi-faceted effort that stretches from our supply chain to our restaurants. It requires collaboration and information sharing across all three legs of our three-legged stool – our franchisees, our suppliers and our employees.

The 2009 Global Best of Green highlights the best of best – successful local innovations that can be shared and applied in other markets across our System. Progress is demonstrated on multiple fronts - energy, packaging, anti-littering, recycling, logistics, communications, greening the restaurants, greening the workplace, sustainable food and supplier leadership.

We know there is much more to be done. Our customers expect us to be forever striving to be a better company, and we expect the same of ourselves.

Committed to the well-being of our customers

There is increasing concern about obesity rates and related risks to well-being among consumers, governments and NGOs, and health and nutrition experts. We take these issues seriously, and we are working to do what we can as a company to positively influence the situation.

We know our customers are counting on us to meet their expectations in three main areas, so that’s where we’re focused:

High-Quality Choices - Continue to develop high quality menu offerings that provide our customers with a range of choices that meet their needs and preferences and that fit in a balanced diet.
Consumer-Friendly Nutrition Information - Enable consumers to make the right decisions - continuing to provide even easier access to nutrition information
Communicate Responsibly - Continue to refine our marketing and communication practices, particularly to children