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  A Great Time to Assemble Your Career Success Dream Team
by Andy Robinson - Jul, 2010
QUESTION: What are you planning to do differently the second half of this year to springboard your career success? As you embark on the second half of 2010, consider the following 10 QUESTIONS and how they might relate to your current level of career success -- also consider how answers to these questions might correlate with your future career success: • Who do you routinely call upon for career advice and career counse...
  Communicating More in Your Resume: Why ‘Nuance’ Matters
by Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter - Jul, 2010
Are you communicating your career nuances like an arousing wine advertisement that sells distinctions in flavor that only THIS $40 bottle of Pinot Noir can deliver? Communicating nuance is my favorite ’secret weapon’ for devising a differentiating resume story. Unfortunately, most resumes severely lack in nuance, and therefore, fall flat on the hiring decision maker’s or recruiter’s palate. According to, the...
  Beyond Your Tasks
by Nan S. Russell - Jul, 2010
Ever hear the story of the two masons working side by side at a building site? They're doing the same work under pretty much the same conditions. One day a stranger comes along, approaches one of the men and asks, "What are you doing?" "I don't know and I don't care," replies the man, his voice brimming with irritation. All I do is slap this crummy mortar on these crummy bricks and pile them up in a crummy line. That's what...
  Fear -- Go Toward It
by Cathy Alfandre - Jul, 2010
To me, there are two inextricable components of success in job search and career change: mechanics and mindset. What you do and how you feel about it. The mechanics are what we usually focus on -- networking, resume writing, research, interviewing, and so on. They are definitely important, and definitely need to be done in the best possible way. But mindset is often the factor that really makes or breaks. And the big kahuna...
  How to complete your own self-assessment at work
by Elizabeth Freedman - Jul, 2010
It’s review time at the office and your boss has asked you to complete a self-assessment – those forms that ask you to rate yourself on your own work performance. Here’s where you’re going to have to walk the gauntlet like never before. After all, you’re being asked to step back and consider how your work on the product launch, or office reorg, “exceeded” or “met” expectations (or, God forbid, only met the “minimum” requiremen...
  From “En Garde” to Guard Down. No Epees Required! Penetrating Arm’s Length Relationships
by Dawn Lennon - Jul, 2010
Have you ever watched modern fencing? It’s a fascinating Olympic sport of controlled swordplay—the “act of defending.” Fencing garb is pretty intimidating: a tough nylon or Kevlar jacket, plastron (under arm protection), knickers, a chest protector (just for women!), gloves, and a mask—all puncture resistant. Fencing is serious business. So how about the “fencers” you work with? The people always in the act of defending th...
  Seven Reasons Why College Grads Can't Find A Job
by Bob Roth - Jul, 2010
Approximately 3.5 million students graduate from college each year. However, most people don't realize that more than a million of those students fail to find a good job, a job that pays well and has career potential. In fact, in tough times, the number of unemployed or underemployed college graduates can easily approach two million. Importantly, there are clear and specific reasons why so many college seniors and recent...
  Four Job Search Frustrations - Fixed
by Kevin Donlin - Jun, 2010
I recently reviewed several hundred emails from job seekers across the country. As you might imagine, many things are bugging many job seekers in this economy. But I boiled their frustrations down to four common ones. Here they are, with suggested solutions. Which of them apply to you? Frustration #1: “I submit my resume for a posted job and never hear back from employers. Did they even read my resume?” Solut...
  The Roadblocks to Working from Home
by Shweta Khare - Jun, 2010
No matter how sane and sound advice you receive on working from home the roadblocks are ever present and often times tough to navigate. An effective work-from-home routine depends on how well you manage to navigate past these obstacles and eventually work toward eliminating some of them. Child care Dilemma If you have young kids at home it is best to have them at school or under child care when working from home, it is e...
  Engaging in Fierce Conversations - Leading Real Change
by Dr. Maynard Brusman - Jun, 2010
I recently led a couple of workshops on emotional intelligence and assertive communication for some of my San Francisco Bay Area clients. One of the HR Directors asked me if I could write up some of the techniques and tools we covered in my “Emotionally Intelligent Conversations” workshop. The following are some tips you can use for better conversations at work, particularly difficult conversations that have to deal with co...
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