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  Questions To Ask At The End of The Interview
by Amanda Guralski - Jun, 2010
You’ve impressed with your resume and here you sit with the interviewer. You’re nearing the end of the interview. You start reflecting on how well the conversation flowed, the great answers you gave to the questions, and you’re thinking, I totally am perfect for this position! Then the interviewer asks whether you have any questions. This is your moment so seize it! Finish strong. Even though your pulse is racing and you fe...
  Who Quits Their Job in This Economy?
by Barbara Safani - Jun, 2010
According to the most recent report released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more employees left their jobs voluntarily in March (1.9M) than were laid off (1.8M). You may be wondering why so many are quitting their jobs in what is still a volatile economy, but the reality is that people quit their jobs despite economic indicators for a variety of reasons. Here are some of the reasons employees tell me they quit their jobs o...
  The Littlest Blue Jay
by Julie Walraven - Jun, 2010
One day last week, this little blue jay flew over to my window and perched for a few minutes on my screen. I’ve never seen a baby blue jay before. I believe he was in the middle of flying lessons from his parents and made a wrong turn. Since then, I have seen his brother (or sister) and the littlest blue jay flying around my neighborhood with mom and dad blue jay, practicing short little jaunts from branch to branch, someti...
  Upping Your Job Search Flame: Be ‘Needed, Not Needy’
by Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter - Jun, 2010
This summer’s Career Collective heats up with advice to help job seekers boost the flame under their job search efforts. In collaboration with my partner, Miriam Salpeter, I’m delighted to participate in this monthly blogging initiative. Sometimes the best way to ‘heat up’ a cold job search is to slow down and thaw. In your job search, have you poured yourself into an ice maker mold, to be left cold, shivering, resembling t...
  The Job Market’s A Moving Target. How’s Your Aim? Positioning As Career Strategy
by Dawn Lennon - Jun, 2010
Specialties—they’re everywhere! The more we hear about them, the more excited we get about the prospects. Surely, there’s a way to align our education and training to get a job doing something exciting. The old days of generalist jobs are waning. Today you can become a forensic accountant, reading specialist, triage nurse, “green” builder, news media blogger, or packaging engineer. The options are intoxicating. Jobs bran...
  The Job Search Basics
by Kevin Donlin - Jun, 2010
I got an email recently from a man that read: “I followed all your advice but I have not gotten any job interviews. Do you have any other suggestions?" I took a look at his LinkedIn profile and found that he hasn't followed all of the advice I gave him. In fact, as near as I can tell, he’s not doing anything I suggested. And, yet, he wants more ideas from me. So, here's my advice to him and anyone else struggling t...
  Does Your Resume Make You Look Like a Job Hopper?
by Barbara Safani - Jun, 2010
When hiring managers read resumes, one of the first things they look at is dates of employment. If they see multiple short employment stints, they will often assume that you are a job hopper, question your ability to stay at one company for long, and move on to the next candidate. Often people’s choppy employment record may be caused by several factors beyond their control; but unless the story behind your job changes is ma...
  The Best Job Seeking LinkedIn Applications
by Joshua Waldman - Jun, 2010
Use Them, They’re Free During my LinkedIn profile audits, one of the first questions I answer is if the job seeker uses a LinkedIn Application or not. The applications on Linkedin are probably one of the best personal branding tools you have. Without the colors of your most recent book, or the wisdom of your most recent blog post, your profile looks awfully similar to the 50 million others. What’s even better is that...
  Dealing With Inappropriate Interview Questions
by Harry Urschel - Jun, 2010
In your job search, if you are interviewing regularly, it’s highly likely that sooner or later you will be asked a question that may seem inappropriate or legally dubious. How you view that question, and how you respond will very likely have a great impact on your success. I recently had someone in my job search class tell me about an interview he had at a small company. The hiring manager asked what year he graduated...
  Getting rehired by the company that laid you off
by Elizabeth Freedman - Jun, 2010
As the economy starts to slowly get back on its feet, companies are also slowly starting to rehire. You loved your old job and would like nothing more than to be rehired by your former employer. How to get back on the short list when your company starts hiring again? Here are a few tips: Here’s the good news: You’re well-positioned to be a top contender for a shot back in the door at your former employer. After all, yo...
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