Company Overview
Delivering world class service begins with customer satisfaction. Our first priority is your customer’s and/or employee’s safety, security, and their positive interaction with our agents. Professionalism means extraordinary execution of service delivery. Alert, capable, energetic, and pleasant Andy Frain staff fully understand they not only represent Andy Frain Services, but our customers as well.

To ensure consistency, performance standards have to be established, measured, and delivered everyday on each shift! Performance metrics are agreed upon, measured, reviewed, and documented. Monthly customer reviews are conducted with Andy Frain Corporate semi-annual Customer Care surveys sent out to ensure outstanding levels of performance.

Andy Frain’s core business philosophy is that when you treat people with courtesy, dignity and respect, they will be motivated to deliver quality service. This philosophy is echoed in our mission statement which states that “we are committed to living the tradition of Customer Service is Every Employee’s Job.”

We believe the quality of our service is dependent upon hiring the right person for the right job and ensuring that they are trained and capable to perform the assigned tasks and committed to providing superior customer service. In short, we hire for attitude and train for skill.

Additionally, we take great pride in being a good corporate citizen; recruiting employees from the communities we serve, while making charitable contributions to those communities as well.
Company Summary
Andy Frain Services
Number of Employees
(630) 820-3820
761 Shoreline Drive
Aurora, IL