Company Overview

Serving Our Region, Connecting Our World

Since its inception in 1967, College of DuPage has matured into something very special. It’s a community college with far-reaching impact. We’re firmly rooted in the community that provides our mandate, yet committed to reflecting the needs and demands of an ever-changing world.

From our faculty through to our Board of Trustees, we understand the importance of remaining relevant on multiple levels: interpersonal, academic, civic, cultural and economic. With a steady eye on regional, national and international developments, College of DuPage fulfills its mission as an educational and economic agent of change for the residents it serves.

Beyond all other considerations, though, we are educators, devoted to the idea that knowledge is transformative. We believe there are few things more powerful than a mind engaged. We are excited by the possibilities ignited when knowledge is imparted through meaningful discourse, in the service of realizing each and every one of our community member’s full potential.

Mission, Vision and Values

In order to fulfill our duty as responsible stewards of a valuable resource, we profess the following statements as guiding principles in all that we hope to achieve in service of the community at large.

The mission of College of DuPage is to be a center for excellence in teaching, learning, and cultural experiences by providing accessible, affordable, and comprehensive education.

College of DuPage will be the primary college district residents choose for high quality education.


  • Integrity: We expect the highest standard of moral character and ethical behavior.
  • Honesty: We expect truthfulness and trustworthiness.
  • Respect: We expect courtesy and dignity in all interpersonal interactions.
  • Responsibility: We expect fulfillment of obligations and accountability.
  • Equity: We expect that everyone in our college community has an equal opportunity to pursue their academic, personal, and professional goals.

Institutional Philosophy

  • College of DuPage believes in the power of teaching and learning.
    We endorse the right of each person to accessible and affordable opportunities to learn and affirm the innate value of the pursuit of knowledge and its application to life. Our primary commitment is to facilitate and support student success in learning.

  • College of DuPage is committed to excellence.
    We seek quality in all that we do. To ensure quality, we are committed to continual assessment and self-evaluation.

  • College of DuPage values diversity.
    We seek to reflect and meet the educational needs of the residents of our large, multicultural district. To this end, we recognize the need for freedom of expression and that facts, arguments, and judgments should be presented, tested, debated, challenged, deliberated, and probed for their objective truth in the marketplace of ideas. Every College individual owes a duty to exercise his or her own individual judgment; and to permit others to exercise that same freedom of conscience. We recognize the importance of embracing individual differences and cultures and value the contributions made to the College by people of all ethnic and cultural backgrounds. We affirm our role as a catalyst for promoting dialogue and tolerance on issues supporting the common good.

  • College of DuPage promotes participation in planning and decision making.
    We support participatory governance and the involvement of the College community in the development of a shared vision. We believe that all students, staff, and residents can make meaningful contributions within a respectful environment that encourages meaningful discourse. We strive to build an organizational climate in which freedom of expression is defended and civility is affirmed.

  • College of DuPage will be a benefit to students and community.
    The needs of our students and community are central to all we do.

Grow Your Career with Opportunities at College of DuPage

Illinois’ largest community college offers a variety of academic and professional positions with both full-time and part-time openings.

At College of DuPage, we have five core values that we underscore in all that we do: integrity, honesty, respect, responsibility and equity. These core values drive the institution forward and are the strength behind student success.

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