Company Overview

With annual sales in excess of $600 million, Harris Ranch Beef Company is one of the largest functionally integrated beef producers in the Western United States.
As the processing and marketing arm of our beef division, Harris Ranch Beef Company is proud to have established one of the ?rst branded beef programs in the country in 1982.

Harris Ranch partners with dozens of the West’s most progressive ranching families to produce cattle to our quality speci?cations.

Our retailfoodservice and export divisions benefit from our beef production system, which helps ensure the quality of our beef

Harris Ranch’s beef production system features:

  • Cattle humanely and sustainably raised by Harris Ranch and our ranching partners
  • Cattle are grass raised and grain finished for superior quality
  • Facility consultation and training on livestock handling techniques provided by Dr. Temple Grandin
  • Feed nutritionally balanced and tested for pesticide residues
  • Antibiotics are used only in a therapeutic manner to treat cattle that require medical attention

The beef division of Harris Ranch annually produces and markets in excess of 200 million pounds of beef, making us the largest, functionally integrated beef operation in California.

Company Summary
Harris Ranch Beef Company
Number of Employees
(559) 898-5311
16277 South McCall Avenue
Selma, CA