Company Overview

More than 130 years of fresh thinking and responsible solutions for retail and industrial refrigeration

Food Retail

From food safety to sustainability to merchandising, Hillphoenix is the leading retail refrigeration company offering complete solutions that deliver a competitive edge. Future-proof your business with our wide selection of commercial refrigeration systems, including our award winning Second Nature® line of sustainable refrigeration systems that run on glycol, CO2 and ammonia. Boost your bottom line with creative store design, lighting, departmental programs, and merchandising display cases that create a dynamic, profitable shopping environment.

Aftermarket Services

The Hillphoenix AMS Group shows customers how to cut operational expenses and boost the bottom line with energy-saving products and services that improve the store environment, optimize performance and increase profitability. From incentives and rebates to recommissioning, the AMS Group helps customers identify opportunities to save energy and improve the retail shopping experience.

Innovation & Performance

In the world of retail and industrial refrigeration, one name is synonymous with innovation — Hillphoenix. Our designers and engineers lead with solutions to the industry’s most challenging issues.

Design Services Consulting and Education

The Hillphoenix Design Center is a collaborative workspace and showroom where Hillphoenix design professionals work with food industry retailers and experts from around the world to bring ideas to life. Explore every aspect of food retailing from operations to merchandising to store technologies. Our Design Center experts are eager to share what’s new in store design, lighting, departmental programs, merchandising display design and energy efficiency.

Industrial Refrigeration

The Hillphoenix industrial refrigeration team offers an extensive line of products and services for specialized applications including cold storage, food processing, biopharma and ice rinks. Our dedicated industrial refrigeration team designs, engineers, and manufactures custom systems to meet critical process requirements.

Company Summary
Hillphoenix Inc.
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