Company Overview
As a global leader in automation technology, we use our extensive portfolio to build integrated solutions that optimize manufacturing and improve safety. With proof-of-concept centers located throughout the world, we give customers the freedom to create world-class products using solutions they can trust.

OMRON Industrial Automation, powered by the Innovative-Automation! concept, generates value by solving manufacturing issues with innovation that addresses changes in what products are manufactured as well as where, how, and by whom they need to be manufactured. We have 37 Automation Centers around the world where we work with our customers to develop solutions for their manufacturing challenges. At these centers, customers can test and verify potential solutions with our experienced sales engineers in a simulated environment. We use the applications and technologies we sell to achieve Innovative-Automation! at our own production facilities around the world to further enhance them for real-world use and share with our customers. OMRON will continue to strive to be a reliable partner in manufacturing innovation by working with our customers to address new issues and, through these efforts, evolve and nurture our Innovative-Automation! concept.

Working at Omron

Our business is automation, and we envision a future in which people can do more, try more, and be more. For more than 80 years, we've been working to enrich lives and create a better society by maximizing people’s potential.

Our technology turns workplaces into creative spaces that let people realize their full potential. Our fully integrated solutions empower global sustainability, building an eco-friendly future in which everyone has access to renewable energy whenever and wherever they need it.

Get to know the company that invented the automated traffic signal, the ticket vending machine, the ATM, and the sensing capabilities that inspired face-recognition technology in smartphones.

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We’re a leader in automation, but we nurture our employees one by one.
Get to know the company that invented the automated traffic signal, the ticket vending machine for commuter trains, the ATM, and sensing capabilities that inspired face-recognition technology in smartphones.
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Omron Automation
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