Company Overview
Roehl Transport, Inc.

Our Purpose - What We Do What are we here to do? Reduced to the very basics, we provide transportation services – you might say we pick up freight at a shipper and bring it to the consignee. We certainly do that – but consider why – what’s really behind that pickup and delivery? Some might say our purpose is to make money. Yes, we do need to be profitable, but that’s a basic requirement of any business. In order for us to continue to fulfill our purpose, we need profits to reinvest. But we define ourselves by what we say and the way we act – our purpose is more than merely producing profit. Our success is based on our ability to help our customers succeed. We provide them capabilities and services that they don’t have or can’t do for themselves. When they place their business with us, they’re saying we trust you, Roehl, to deliver on your promise of service. We’re often an extension of the shipper’s business, representing the shipper to their customers. We must satisfy not only the shipper but the shipper’s customers as well! There are a lot of competitors in our marketplace, and like us, they pick up and deliver freight every day. How do we set ourselves apart? What do we say and how do we act to define ourselves in the marketplace? “We deliver confidence and satisfaction.” We distinguish ourselves from other trucking companies by leaning on the principals Everett recognized early on in his career – we succeed by delivering. More than simply moving freight from point A to point B – rather, delivering on the promise we made to the customer. The promise to provide flawless transportation services. As Everett said when we do that, “We’re delivering confidence and satisfaction for our customers.” We all know those feelings “confidence and satisfaction.” Confidence – for customers, it’s the feeling that once they’ve called Roehl there’s nothing else they need to do except pay the bill – that load is taken care of. And, satisfaction – the good feelings that come when your needs and expectations are met.
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Roehl Transport, Inc.
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1916 East 29th Street
Marshfield, WI