Company Overview
At Barilla, we believe that the making — and enjoyment — of food is an art. Through our pastas and sauces, we want to bring Americans the best that Italy's culinary traditions have to offer; and through our promotion of Italian food, art, and culture, we want to inspire everyone to share in the values that have guided us for more than a century — a love of life, a devotion to quality, and a respect for tradition.
Since its founding in Parma, Italy in 1877, Barilla has been a family-run company, dedicated to producing the highest quality food products for consumers around the world. Barilla America, Inc., the U.S.-based division of The Barilla Group, extends the company's commitment to flavor, convenience, and the highest culinary standards to America, where, following its launch in 1996, Barilla has become the #1 national brand of pasta.
Barilla America, Inc., the U.S.-based division of The Barilla Group, Italy’s largest food producer, was launched in 1996.  Just three years later, Barilla became the No. 1 brand of pasta in the United States (and today produces the fastest-growing pasta and sauce brands in their categories).  To achieve this milestone in such a short time is a testament to Barilla’s history of 130 years of excellence in food production, brand-building, product quality, and global consistency.
At Barilla, food production is guided by three essential principles: product quality, commitment to nutritionally balanced eating, and, of course, flavor, the unmistakable hallmark of the Barilla brand name.  To maintain these standards, the Group engages in extensive research and development that helps us produce the best products, while always considering the concerns and needs of our customers.  The Group also operates with respect for the environment and consumer health, and serves as a helpful, caring partner in the communities in which we operate.
Finally, because Barilla considers its people to be its greatest asset – the key to its development, growth, and success – we work hard to foster natural talent and leadership with a managerial style that is based on integrity, sound decision making, and business practices that are always professional and ethical.
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