Company Overview

We’re shaping the future with transformative collegiate retail experiences, pioneering technology, and programs that ensure students get affordable, convenient access to course materials. Together with you, we envision, design, and implement big ideas that drive student success and evoke campus pride.  

About Us
We partner with over 1,000 colleges and universities across North America to bring their vision to life, creating a series of connected moments across the academic journey that support learning, evoke campus pride, and drive success.

Why 1,000+ campuses partner with Follett
Our mission is to inspire, enable, and celebrate the higher education journey. Providing top-tier service to campuses and their students is our top priority.

Our customized solutions prepare learners for success, create impeccable retail experiences that amplify campus brands, and deliver a best-in-class fan experience for collegiate athletics. These experiences require more than just good design. They require smart, strategic decisions that are rooted in insights, filtered through a customer-focused lens, and delivered flawlessly. Our solutions are designed to meet the unique needs of each campus and engage every member of the community. As a fully integrated provider of all campus retail needs, Follett gives schools unmatched flexibility to choose offerings and brand partners that align with their vision.

Our Mission

For over 150 years, Follett has been shaping the future of higher education—with memorable retail experiences, pioneering technology, sustainable practices, and programs that ensure students get instant, equal, and affordable access to the course materials they need to be successful.

The Follett Higher Education difference
Follett’s environmental, social, and governance mission is to reduce our environmental footprint while increasing access to education and promoting positive change in the communities we serve, inspiring others to do the same.

At Follett, we’re proud to inspire, enable, and celebrate the academic journey. Customer service is paramount; we believe every interaction a student has contributes to their potential for success. We’re committed to collaboration and partnership at all levels of our business, leveraging our industry-leading expertise to help schools of all sizes create one-of-a-kind solutions, foster academic enrichment, and evoke campus pride. 

Advocating for DEIB
At Follett, our DEIB principles aren’t just abstract concepts; they are actionable practices ingrained in our culture and operations.

We champion these values—in stores and throughout our organization—by creating a community where every voice matters, every experience is acknowledged, and every individual finds a sense of belonging. We aim to celebrate diversity, advance academic success, and enhance well-being for all people.


We’re looking for people who are passionate about shaping the future of higher education. Find your fit in our full-time, part-time, and seasonal roles across retail, corporate, or warehouse settings in the US or Canada.

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