Company Overview


We are a company that is “global in scope, human in scale.” What does that mean? It’s simple: We have resources in markets across the globe, and our success is powered by 18,000 individual, talented people working together.

Here, you can make more possible every day. Our employees’ ideas, drive, and expertise enable us to provide durable, sustainable, energy-efficient solutions across our three integrated businesses: Composites, Insulation, and Roofing.

It takes many talented team members to carry out our mission. Bring your skills to Owens Corning and be part of our difference.



Our building science makes insulation smarter at Owens Corning. We offer a diverse insulation product portfolio, providing long-term, sustainable solutions across residential, commercial, and industrial markets.


At Owens Corning, we know it's More Than Just a Roof™. We are a market leader in roofing shingles, underlayment, and components products. We care about the details, and innovate to develop solutions that perform as beautifully as they look.


We provide high-performance materials that are strong, lightweight, and versatile, which have transformed industries from construction to transportation to energy. And there’s no telling what reach our next innovation will have.


Together, our Mission, Purpose and Values are the foundation of our unique culture and guide the way we live and work locally and globally. They describe what we do, why we do it, and who we are - it is the essence of our commitment to our customers, shareholders, partners and each other.


Our mission provides focus to ensure that employees at all levels of our company have a clear understanding of the businesses we’re in (and aren’t in) – both today and into the foreseeable future.

The phrase “to build a sustainable future through material innovation” leverages the dual meaning of several terms. “Build” refers to the literal application of our products as well as the future we are building. “Sustainable” references both the enduring and responsible meanings of the word to describe our future-oriented activities. And “material” speaks to both the importance of our innovation efforts, as well as the manner in which we literally innovate materials to create valued product solutions.


Our purpose is our company’s reason for existence. It reflects our heritage and explains the “why” driving our journey as a company. As our guiding star, our purpose is inherently aspirational.

Perhaps no words describe the essence of our company more accurately than “our people and products make the world a better place.” This speaks to what drives our day-to-day activities as well as the higher purpose that propels us – professionally and personally. This phrase is intentionally broad in nature to enable every one of our employees to see themselves within it and be proud to contribute to it.


Our company values describe who we are through the lenses of what we believe and how we behave. Our values serve as our behavioral compass and are non-negotiable; they establish a set of fundamental, strategically sound, and unwavering beliefs that are applicable across the enterprise.

Owens Corning employs the phrase “global in scope, human in scale” to describe the positive duality of an enterprise that is present with resources in markets across the globe while maintaining a personal nature – 18,000 people working together – that makes our company so special. Accompanying this statement are four key characteristics that describe who we are: caringcuriouscollaborative, and committed.


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