Company Overview
At PCA, we think of ourselves as more than a box manufacturer. We are an ideas and solutions company. We seek to be the leader in helping our customers — large and small — package, transport and display products of all kinds. It just happens to be that corrugated products are our area of expertise.

So a partnership with PCA isn’t just about buying boxes. It’s about building a relationship with a knowledgeable, trusted, committed source; adding value to your business; and actively contributing to your success in the marketplace.

Whether you are looking for conventional shipping containers, custom-printed corrugated boxes, custom packaging or eye-catching retail visual displays, PCA is here to deliver the right packaging solution on time and on budget.

Why We Do What We Do

At PCA, our people are as sharp at posing questions as they are at providing answers. With good reason… We realize that the key to offering responsive customer service is never taking our customers for granted. That’s why at the same time you’re learning about our products and how we do business, we’re learning about yours.

So don’t be surprised if PCA people collaborate more than you’re used to, or engage you in conversations that go beyond flute profiles and stacking strength. For PCA people, it’s all about understanding customer service — doing our very best to give you the ideas and products that support your needs.
Company Summary
Packaging Corporation of America
Number of Employees
500 or more
(800) 456-4725
1955 West Field Court
Lake Forest, IL