Company Overview
Per Mar Security Services is an award winning installer of security services, recognized by Security Sales & Integration Magazine at the SAMMY awards in 2012. Business owners and managers know that the security of their employees and property cannot be taken lightly; homeowners are protecting valuables that go well beyond material things. Today's environment is constantly evolving and your security needs must keep pace. The security experts at Per Mar know this and work closely with you to develop solutions for the requirements of your business or home. It's not enough to solve your security problems for the moment...we are here to anticipate your needs in the future.

Our goal is to consistently exceed your expectations and make your security decisions as easy and concise as possible. That's why Per Mar is committed to excellence as a full-service security security solution provider. We stand by our mission of guardians of people, property, and profits for life.
Company Summary
Per Mar Security Services
Number of Employees
500 or more
(563) 441-7462
1910 East Kimberly Road
Davenport, IA