Company Overview

We are a raw material processing and handling company serving steel and power customers, with principal businesses in cokemaking and logistics.

Coke is an essential ingredient in blast furnace production of steel.

  • Globally, we have 5.9 million tons of annual cokemaking capacity
    • Our 4.2 million tons of U.S. capacity represents about 25 percent of the U.S. and Canadian markets
    • We have U.S. facilities in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio and Virginia, and international operations in Brazil
  • Our innovative heat-recovery cokemaking technology captures excess heat for steam or electrical power generation
  • Our long-term, take-or-pay contracts contain key provisions for pass-through of coal, operating and transportation costs, insulating us from commodity price volatility
    • We receive a fixed fee per ton of coke produced

Our domestic and export terminals serve coal producers and end users in the steel, coke and power industries.

 Domestic Terminals

  • Our terminals are strategically located to serve key U.S. ports in the Gulf Coast, East Coast and Great Lakes
  • We have the collective capacity to mix and transload more than 25 million tons annually

Export Terminals

  • The Convent Marine Terminal is one of the largest on U.S. Gulf Coast and the only terminal on the lower Mississippi with direct rail access
  • Annual capacity of 15 million tons


Our mission is to meet the needs of our customers by providing high-quality products and logistics services, while operating our facilities safely, efficiently, and responsibly. We intend to grow our Company and create value for investors by expanding our current coke and logistics businesses and identifying other related opportunities.

Core Values

Our values of Excellence, Innovation, Commitment, Integrity and Stewardship are at the heart of who we are and how we live and work every day. They guide our actions and decisions so we always do the right thing for our customers, our business and each other.

Working at SunCoke

SunCoke Energy has a dynamic history, exciting future and dedicated employees. The work we do every day is guided by our Core Values of Excellence, Innovation, Commitment, Integrity and Stewardship. Our culture is defined by who we are and how we behave. In that sense, our values are much more than simple words to us. They guide our decisions and actions every day. They are the foundation for our business and enable us to build a culture that sets high standards and motivates and rewards performance.

We pride ourselves on sustaining a transparent and free flow of information … fostering quick decision-making … maintaining informality … embracing new ideas … continually learning … quickly adjusting to solve problems … respecting individual differences … recognizing contributions … and always moving forward.

When you work at SunCoke, you are part of a collaborative and cooperative team. We are committed to an inclusive workplace that brings out the best in all of us. We respect you for your expertise and welcome the ideas you bring from your experience, education and training. We continually strive to make our operations more efficient while creating a respectful work environment for each member of our team.

Your participation in daily decisions means you can make a large impact in a mid-sized company and, when everyone contributes, we all benefit from a diverse set of perspectives. At SunCoke, we have a relentless focus on continuous improvement and customer satisfaction through The SunCoke Way, our structured approach to achieving operational excellence. By encouraging personal accountability and rewarding individual performance, we raise the bar for the entire organization and demonstrate that our success translates to your success.

When you join our company, you have a unique opportunity to help shape our culture and contribute to our success as a valued member of the SunCoke team.

Code of Business Conduct and Ethics
SunCoke Energy is committed to being a profitable and high-performing company in today’s commercial markets. We will achieve these goals by conducting business ethically and with integrity, consistent with our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics. This code sets forth our commitment to compliance with the law, responsible citizenship and ethical behavior.

Company Summary
SunCoke Energy
Number of Employees
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1011 Warrenville Road
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Lisle, IL