Company Overview

At TransUnion, opportunity isn't simply something we offer clients. We understand our associates want the rewards and satisfaction that come with new career opportunities.

We're always looking for talented people with insights that can make a difference to our clients. We recognize the power of employing the best—those who want to make an impact. It's what has made us an industry leader in credit and information management for more than 30 years.

Whether you are looking for your first position in the corporate world, or searching for your next management role, explore the opportunities we have to energize your career.

The TransUnion Experience:

At TransUnion, we give clients the same opportunities we offer associates—the power to achieve. It's the foundation of our culture. It's also what drives the innovative business services we provide nearly every consumer and market in the country.

We recognize the importance of employing the best—those who want to make things happen. Our dynamic environment offers the opportunity to help you achieve your career goals, while giving businesses the power to enhance their success and helping consumers better manage their credit.

Company Overview:

As a global leader in credit and information management for more than 30 years, we work with businesses and consumers to gather, analyze and deliver the critical information that:

* Helps customers improve their businesses
* Allows consumers to elevate their financial position
* Assists in the growth of strong economies around the world
* Creates advantages

We believe this insight is power—the power to reduce risk, make more informed decisions and give clients the financial opportunities they deserve.

Information Services
Whether its Marketing Services, Fraud Management, Risk Management or Collections Management, we provide clients with data that is higher quality and more predictive when assessing risk and driving marketing. Enterprise-wide decisioning technologies, advanced analytics and specialized expertise help clients meet their unique business objectives with information to make better decisions.

Real Estate Services
Residential lending doesn't have to mean multiple vendors, third-party costs and inevitable delays. We simplify each step of lending operations for mortgage lenders. We work with them to understand their operations, integrate an automated Web solution, help acquire more qualified applicants and reduce processing delays.

International Services
We offer a vast network of local relationships to increase opportunities for our clients overseas. Whether it's a domestic company expanding worldwide, or an international company in need of a proven partner, we combine powerful information resources with the nuances needed to succeed around the globe.

Consumer Services
A good credit history is a powerful asset for combating fraud, promoting financial responsibility and increasing awareness of how lending decisions are made. That's why we provide consumers with easy access to their credit reports and other financial management and educational tools. As a result, consumers can actively manage their own credit, protect themselves against identity theft and get more opportunities to reach their goals.


TransUnion values and seeks a diverse workforce. We are committed to enhancing our diversity and demonstrating our inclusive environment to customers. With opportunities available equally throughout TransUnion, applicants and associates are evaluated on the basis of job qualifications—not race, color, sex, religion, national origin, age, disability, veteran status, marital status, citizenship status, sexual orientation or any other protected status.

TransUnion supports diversity to help:

* Attract the widest pool of qualified applicants and employees
* Create a broader and richer work environment, which produces more creative thinking and solutions
* Enhance our relationships with customers
* Build customer loyalty

TransUnion supports diversity. It is essential to the success of our business, and we challenge all employees to make an individual commitment to this policy.
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