Company Overview

Let’s put the health back in health care. We’re tossing out the approach that treated isolated episodes of care. In its place, we’re collaborating with different providers to expand our view and drive real change in how we all use health care.

For far too long, we in the United States have focused more on “sick care” rather than “health care,” treating what ails us instead of caring for ourselves in a holistic, preventive manner.  

At Yale New Haven Health, we deliver extraordinary, compassionate care by working alongside providers and payers on innovative, cost-effective healthcare delivery models that improve care and value for patients – and enhance the health of our communities. 

The result: Helping our patients to be as healthy and well as they can be. Join us.

Corporate Membership

Our system brings together five of Connecticut’s most distinctive hospitals and the physicians of Northeast Medical Group, each with strong ties to their local communities. It’s this distinction that makes us different. Our purpose is to keep patients healthy, deal with their symptoms early, help manage chronic conditions and lower care costs. We take this commitment seriously, following patients every step of the way, as they move from one setting to another over the course of their care. 

With more than 6,685 physicians, including a 1,200-member multispecialty physician foundation, and over 26,000 employees, Yale New Haven Health is Connecticut’s leading healthcare system. The experience and expertise of our medical staff, access to the latest research and technology, and top-notch facilities make us a major contributor to the medical and economic health of the region.

The Yale New Haven Health Advantage

Healthcare reform is driving change in the delivery model of care. An affiliation with Yale New Haven Health means working together to:

  • Drive broader efficiencies while increasing high quality outcomes
  • Preserve and grow patient access to services
  • Adjust to major shifts in reimbursement models and significant cuts in government payments
  • Meet consumer demand for integrated, collaborative care
  • Manage risk 
  • Create a population health infrastructure
  • Maximize access to capital

Affiliation Opportunities

Corporate Members

Corporate members enter into a permanent affiliation with Yale New Haven Health, which becomes the sole corporate member of the delivery network. The corporate member’s board is fiduciary and is appointed and removed by Yale New Haven Health. Corporate members have representation on the Yale New Haven Health Board of Trustees. The full offering of corporate and shared services is available to corporate members. Current corporate members are:

Network Participants

Network participants, while maintaining their independence and governance structure, enter into a five-year agreement with Yale New Haven Health for administrative and/or clinical services. Network participants have limited their involvement to the Managed Care Network, which negotiates contracts on behalf of participating physicians and hospitals. Network participants may also have access to various corporate/shared services and benefits.

Clinical Affiliates

Clinical affiliates are service line-based partnerships with independent healthcare providers that extends much needed patient care services to areas where they are most needed. 



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