Eric Lowitt is a globally recognized speaker, advisor, and thought leader in the fields of competitive strategy, sustainability and collaboration. His goal is to inspire and equip organizations to become agile and resilient, to grow, and to collaborate with other organizations to address our largest global challenges. In 2010, Eric formed Nexus Global Advisors, a Clinton Global Initiative member firm that works alongside the most prominent CEOs, Board Directors, and senior executives to help spark global growth that solves our most vexing global challenges. In 2013 Wiley published Eric's second book, "The Collaboration Economy," which presents a new economic model predicated on collaboration across the private, public, and social sectors, dedicated to kick start growth, and accelerate sustainable development.

Nexus Global Advisors helps companies, public agencies, and civil organizations across the globe envision and orchestrate collaborative and meaningful solutions to our world’s most pressing challenges.