4 Things Professional Resume Writers Cannot Do
As a professional resume writer, I have a commitment to giving you a clear, concise, accurate resume that shows off your value to hiring managers and recruiters and that can help you move on to the next stage in the application process, an interview. But that commitment also includes things that I cannot do for you.

I cannot lie for you. If I am aware of any discrepancies or lies in your resume, I will advise you against them. I will help you find ways to deal with information you are anxious about, such as a long gap in employment, multiple short-term jobs, an inability to meet one of the job requirements, or an incomplete degree. Lying is the worst option and one that I will not consider.

I cannot create a four-page resume out of nothing. When the content justifies it, a resume can be any length—there is no longer a prejudice against resumes of two pages or more. But the information must be relevant, focused on the job requirements and the industry/company where you are applying. You need to provide information about yourself and what you are interested in; I cannot read your mind.

I cannot guarantee you a response. Any resume writer who guarantees an interview (or even an acknowledgement) from companies is not a professional. Circumstances beyond your own and my control often dictate that a resume disappears into the ether. The company may decide to go with an internal candidate; it may be overwhelmed with applicants with even stronger skills than you have; the position may be withdrawn for economic reasons; or the company may decide they need to change the requirements and re-post.

I cannot help it if your grammar or spell checker disagrees with me. Yes, I make mistakes like anyone else; but frankly I know more than any electronic grammar or spell checkers and I am more often right than they are. I am happy to discuss subject/verb agreement or any other subject where the grammar checker says one thing and I say another, but please give me the benefit of the doubt.

With decades of experience as a professional resume writer, as well as certifications and industry recognition, I am clear on what I can and cannot do. One thing I am absolutely sure of: Robin’s Resumes® will deliver a resume that you can be proud to call your own.