Ask Deb: LinkedIn Endorsements Vs. Recommendations
Ask Deb: LinkedIn Endorsements Vs. Recommendations
Dear Deb:

I am trying to build out my LinkedIn profile, so I can make it as complete as it can be. I know you frequently discuss the importance of LinkedIn, so would you be able to answer why I need to have recommendations? Aren’t endorsements the same thing?


Dear Marco:

Thank you for asking this important question. There is a big, huge, cavernous difference between LinkedIn recommendations and LinkedIn endorsements. The endorsements are made when your contacts go to your profile page and check off the skills you’ve listed. Most people do not read this, and they opt to endorse their connection globally. Recruiters know this, and don’t put much stock in endorsements. I know someone who did a test on this, and now has three endorsements for “Space Shuttle Pilot!”

Endorsements, however, are boxes that your managers or coworkers can check off about your skills, competencies, and work ethic. Recommendations take time to write; they aren’t made just with the click of the mouse. They reflect a level of seriousness and professionalism that endorsements lack. They are enormously valuable, and recruiters definitely do read them.

So definitely add recommendations to your profile! A great headline, professional photo, endorsements, and recommendations all combine to make a complete LinkedIn profile.

Best wishes,