Enough with Education
There comes a time when you've done as much as is appropriate for gaining an education. Although the inner voice keeps saying you're not yet ready; that you need more education; there's more knowledge required in order to be considered qualified; that you won't be able to get the pay you desire because you don't yet have the credentials. That voice needs to be silenced. It is the inner voice called "Insecurity" (also known as fear of the unknown).

One thing that makes a person qualified for a good position and corresponding pay is gaining some form of experience so that their qualities can be tested and proven. This may mean taking a job at an entry-level position. However, it is very important to look at options that are not the traditional entry-level "grunt" work.

Know what it is you're pursuing and what steps are required to get there. Assess the talents you've gained in school. Determine what knowledge and skill you've developed because of your history and any type of work experience you've already had. There are things in your association and school history that can actually be considered work experience. Don’t shortchange your work. Have confidence in yourself (it will show). And go after that first-step job in the field of your choice.

It isn't always necessary to get a Ph.D. in order to land the job of a lifetime. The job of a lifetime is one that is earned because you've trained for it and shown you're ready.