Interviewer Errors

The best companies take their time determining which people are the perfect fits for their business, spending countless hours to find a handful to interview. However, just like a potential employee makes mistakes in the interview, so too do the people conducting the interview. Making sure you're impressed by the right person, for the appropriate reasons, is vitally important to supplying your company with talent. Dawn Adams, president of HResults, talks about the key factors for interviewers to focus on. She also tries to help eliminate the common errors that are made by things like emotion, bias, a lack of knowledge, and poorly structured questions.

Podcast Series: Nobody's Perfect
Nobody's Perfect looks at things a little backwards: What NOT to do. Mistakes are often the best teachers and errors in judgment cross all industries. Job seekers and executives alike commit a variety of blunders that you can learn from so you can avoid the common, damaging missteps.