Jason Jacoby: Actor, Singer, Puppeteer (Pt. 1)

Versatility in any industry plays well and opens up more doors than for one-trick ponies...and actor Jason Jacoby is living proof. Jason has made himself more marketable by developing his abilities and showing a willingness to step outside the box. Of course, as an actor, there are certain skills and traits that make him good at his profession, and those same things can be utilized across a number of different jobs. Host Tim Muma gets a unique perspective from Jason about his work experience, tips on acting, and job skills as a whole.

Podcast Series: Scrambled Eggs
Scrambled Eggs takes a hodgepodge, entertaining approach to the employment realm. This show will undoubtedly give you a laugh, make you appreciate your job a little more, or at least take your mind off the stresses of life. In here, bad is good and weird is better!