Resume Cover Letter or Email: Five Tips That Make A Difference
Resume Cover Letter or Email: Five Tips That Make A Difference
A resume cover letter or email is always a good idea. It might not be read, but you fail to send one, you could lose a great opportunity to make yourself stand out.

Your resume cover letter or email should be in the same font as your resume and should contain exactly the same content information. The subject line or reference line should include information identifying the job you are applying for: the job title or job reference number exactly as it appears in the job posting or advertisement.

Here are five tips to make your cover letter or email stand out:

• Always include highlights from your resume that specifically target your qualifications for the position you want. Choose a few examples from your resume of contributions or accomplishments that will make you stand out from other applicants.

• Always let some of your passion and personality show through. Here is the place to emphasize what you love most about your career and how that passion will benefit the company where you are applying.

• Keep it short. You can say a lot in a few brief paragraphs. The job of a cover letter is not to duplicate your resume but to pull out the most important information you want to share.

• Always include a next step: a request for an interview (in person or on the phone) or your own promise to follow up with a call.

• Always end with a thank you.

A cover letter or email is the perfect place for information that might not fit into your resume or might easily be lost during a quick read, such as a willingness travel, specialized training or an advanced degree, an interest in a specific aspect of your field or your reasons for changing careers. You might also add a testimonial from your supervisor or a satisfied customer.

A clear, concise, focused cover letter or email strengthens your resume and demonstrates the strength of your interest in the job. At Robin’s Resumes®, we write cover letters and emails that support job seekers in their quest for the perfect position.