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  • Keeping Your Cool At Work - Handling Anger At Work
    by Carole Kanchier - August 17, 2017
    Have you been so angry that you wanted to throw something at another colleague? Lost your temper and voiced anger? Anger sends messages such as, “You’ve offended me.” “I don’t like you.” Expressing anger tends to generate more anger. While anger is a natural emotion, mismanagement of anger can have serious consequences. Anger in the workplace is a problem when it adversely affects c...
  • What Millennials Want
    by Debra Wheatman - August 17, 2017
    I’m sure you’ve seen it. There’s a lot of Millennial hating going on out there. This newest generation to arrive in the workplace is alternately painted as lazy and entitled, or as enthusiastic and diligent. They are the first truly “digitally native” generation. They’ve always had access to a computerized solution for virtually any problem, and they can’t remember when the Internet di...
  • Your Resume: Fact or Fiction?
    by Georgia Adamson - August 17, 2017
    Your resume should communicate to prospective employers the value you actually and legitimately have (fact), not embellish unnecessarily, exaggerate or invent value (fiction). Don’t be tempted to “gild the lily” and risk causing yourself possibly major headaches down the road. (Note: According to Urban Dictionary, “gild the lily” represents “a condensation of Shakespeare’s metaphor in...
  • 5 Reasons Why Your Resume Isn't Working
    by Robin Schlinger - August 16, 2017
    You haven’t sent your resume out. Your resume can only start working for you when you actually send it to prospective employers. If you are trying to please multiple reviewers, anxious about every comma and period, or worried about presenting yourself correctly, you need the objective help of a professional resume writer. You don’t know what employers are looking for. Research the companies and positions yo...
  • Executive Resume Writing Tip: Slow Down, Go Deep
    by Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter - August 16, 2017
    This week’s Top Tip for executives reinvigorating their executive resume is to slow down and go deep into your thought archives before writing your critical career story. Without considerable introspection and layers of thought work related to the ultimate goal of preparing a focused, meaningful and compelling story, your resume will fall flat, like a cake without baking powder.
  • Saving Time and Money During the Hiring Process
    by Caroline Dowd-Higgins - August 16, 2017
    A company’s hiring process, like everything in the business world, needs to be efficient. But most of the time, getting quality employees doesn’t come cheap and it’s a process that easily can be bogged down by time-wasting practices. Fortunately, there are ways to find reliable prospective employees while minimizing cost and time. Here are effective approaches that not only get the best talent in the do...
  • 5 Life-Changing Ways To Use Sensitivity As a Strength at Work
    by Melody Wilding - August 15, 2017
    In a workplace that glorifies strength and power, highly sensitive people like you may falsely assume the ability to experience things more intensely is a weakness or personal failing. On the contrary, you might be surprised to know that recent workplace performance research confirms what psychologists have known for years: managers consistently rate people with higher sensitivity as the best performers in their organizatio...
  • Are You Sick and Tired of Work? Is Loneliness Part of the Problem?
    by Beverly Jones - August 15, 2017
    It’s now clear that social connection improves physical health and overall well-being. Research suggests that people who feel connected are more likely than their peers to recover quickly from illness and live a long life. And connected people have lower levels of anxiety, depression, low self-esteem and chronic negativity. On the other hand, loneliness can make you sick, attacking your immune system and even changing ho...
  • Prove ROI On Your Resume & Be The Solution To An Employer's Needs
    by Michelle Dumas - August 15, 2017
    It is all about results. I’ve written extensively about the importance of developing a compelling resume filled with accomplishments and results rather than job responsibilities. Beyond just a listing of your job history with a few educational details thrown in, an accomplishment-focused resume will help you make the case that you are the solution to the needs of your target employer. The best resumes prove your pote...
  • Job Getting You Down? Call Time-Out
    by Carole Kanchier - August 14, 2017
    Tom was approaching 30 and he wanted to step off the treadmill, but to do what? He needed time to rethink his goals. Tom and his wife, Elva, decided on a moratorium -- a time-out from responsibilities and commitments. They sold everything and bought a van. 'But you're giving up everything. ... What will you do when you come back?' everyone cried. After driving throughout North America, they settled in a small town....