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  • Ongoing Recruiting
    with Kevin Mason and Tim Muma - March 21, 2014
    In order to ensure an organinzation continues to run smoothly, it's vital to have new employees brought in on a consistent basis. Not only are more people necessary, but finding the best fits for that particular company is essential. Kevin Mason is the Business Development Manager for Genesis HR Solutions and he gives Tim Muma some ways companies can have an effective, ongoing recruiting process that will keep talented indi...
  • Talent Shortage or Something Else?
    with Janine Truitt and Tim Muma - March 21, 2014
    Some industries are being hit terribly hard by a lack of qualified and skilled candidates. However, some experts argue employers are creating the idea of a talent shortage in some areas, simply by their perceptions of what is needed. Janine Truitt, a human resources and recruiting professional, joins Tim Muma to examine the factors involved with seeing a talent shortage. Perhaps, she argues, the issue lies a little deeper.
  • The Dilemma of Hiring Unemployed Individuals
    with Kris Dunn and Tim Muma - March 18, 2014
    The group of unemployed individuals has grown and their prospects for getting hired shrinks as they remain out of the workforce. Employers can sometimes overlook this group due to perceived loss of skills, knowledge and value. Kris Dunn, Chief Human Resources Officer for Kinetix, tells Tim Muma the group of unemployed should be dissected further. He also gives rationale behind employers seeing risk in this group and some wa...
  • Requiring Paid Sick Leave
    with Vicki Shabo and Tim Muma - February 27, 2014
    A handful of states are passing laws requiring employers to offer paid sick leave for employees. It's been a hotly debated topic in recent years with a number of factors playing a role. Vicki Shabo is the Vice President of the National Partnership for Women and Families and she tells Tim Muma why employees need to be given the benefit of paid time off for illnesss. She also explains the positive results for employers that c...
  • Best Places to Work: Kimley-Horn and Associates
    with John C. Atz and Tim Muma - February 26, 2014
    Kimley-Horn is one of the nation’s most comprehensive and respected engineering and land planning firms, and they've been recognized as one of Fortune's best companies to work for. President and CEO, John C. Atz, joins Tim Muma to describe the firm's culture, how employees have a stuck in the organization and the overall keys to the company's success. John even talks about the VPs of Fun and how that adds to Kimley-Horn's p...
  • Why Innovation is Lacking
    with Lauren Leader-Chivee and Tim Muma - February 19, 2014
    Leadership and cultural diversity can play big roles in successful innovation in the workplace. Lauren Leader-Chivee, entrepreneur, diversity expert and former president of the non-profit think tank Center for Talent Innovation, argues most companies are failing to be truly innovative because of old practices and out-of-date thinking. She breaks down the key issues and offers up some suggestions for our listeners.
  • LexION Capital: Unique Perspective
    with Elle Kaplan and Tim Muma - February 18, 2014
    LexION Capital is the only 100 percent women-owned wealth management firm in the United States. On top of that, they argue their mission is to serve the best interests of their members with ethical and transparent services. Elle Kaplan, the founder and CEO of LexION, joins Tim Muma to explain how their different from a majority of firms and why they have a different perspective on the industry.
  • Best Places to Work:  Zappos
    with Jon Wolske and Tim Muma - February 15, 2014
    Zappos has been a consistent resident on Fortune's "Best 100 Companies to Work For" list. On top of their reputation for being a great place to work for, now they are changing to a holacratic style of management. Jon Wolske, Zappos Culture Evangelist, gives Tim Muma all the reasons Zappos is a desirable workplace, including the perks employees receive and the type of people who succeed there.
  • Best Places to Work: NuStar Energy
    with Bob Grimes and Tim Muma - January 31, 2014
    Businesses and employers can often learn successful strategies from the tactics of other great companies. With that in mind, we're looking at a number of Fortune's Best Companies to Work For. Tim Muma speaks with Bob Grimes, vice president of human resources for NuStar Energy, to get the inside dish on the organization. They discuss the culture, values and keys to success for this Fortune 500 company.
  • CEO Compensation Issues
    with Bob Donnelly and Tim Muma - January 26, 2014
    The stories seem to come out on a weekly basis, describing a lucrative deal being struck for a new CEO, only to see him or her leave in a few months while collecting a hefty sum. Bob Donnelly, an educator for St. Peter's University and former CEO himself, expresses the major concerns over CEO compensation and its effects on the company and its workers. He also suggests to Tim Muma some ways to curtail the extravagant payoff...