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  • The Importance of Treating Ex-Employees Well
    with Kevin Mason and Tim Muma - May 22, 2015
    Whether employees leave on their own or you have to let someone go, there can be a far-reaching impact on your organization based on how you handle the process. Kevin Mason, business development manager for Genesis HR Solutions, has experience in this area as both an employee and from a management perspective. Kevin explains to Tim Muma the ways in which business are affected by former employees, from the way in which they'...
  • Ongoing Recruiting
    with Kevin Mason and Tim Muma - March 21, 2014
    In order to ensure an organinzation continues to run smoothly, it's vital to have new employees brought in on a consistent basis. Not only are more people necessary, but finding the best fits for that particular company is essential. Kevin Mason is the Business Development Manager for Genesis HR Solutions and he gives Tim Muma some ways companies can have an effective, ongoing recruiting process that will keep talented indi...